The Sail Maker


Since graduating I have been building on the world of Rose to create The Sail Maker. Here I have been developing my skills in Materials, Cloth and Animation Dynamics, and Effects in Unreal Engine. To share my knowledge with the community, I write up tutorials on many of my processes on my dedicated blog.

Grass and Cloth


In this test, I’m trying out nvidias Apex Cloth and shifting the grass when she runs through it based on her velocity.

Cel Shading


I’ve previously played around with a Cel Shading Post Processing effect, but ran into many issues when layering other effects like Depth of Field on top of it. I also encountered weird artefacting when the Cel Shaded character moved through translucent Materials (like water). This inspired me to find a Surface Material based solution, my full tutorial can be found here.

Shooting Star


Through a timeline that controls the rotation and scale of the shooting star, I fake the effect of it disappearing into the distance.

Material Offsets


For the firefly, I experimented with driving movement through a Material using Time, Sine and the World Position Offset.


Continuing with Material movement, I used a moving Sphere Mask to deform the Vertex Normals in World Space, to create a ‘Belching Chimney’.


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